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NEW! Pirate Treasures Abound

Type: Miniatures

NEW! Pirate Treasures Abound☠❤️⚔🖤

Pirate Pete is welcoming you to his world of Pirate Fairy Gardens...you will love this adorable pirate chest full of colorful pirate jewels!

What you will receive is your choice of:
* Silver Metal hinged treasure chest 1' long X 34" tall filled with jewels
* Silver Beer Stein approx. 3/4" tall very ornate
* 2 Pewter Goblets 3/4" high
* Siver perfume bottle with a deep blue sparkle stone on top and on the side 1/2" tall
* A bronze and gold crown 3/4" wide
* A Silver and Red Ornament 1" tall
****the wooden crate is not included*****

You can also get the Pirate Pete And The Lost Fairy Treasure book, create your own miniature pirate fairy garden, get some great Pirate T-Shirts and other cool items here: https://bit.ly/3WbndkA

Ideas for use:
1. Create a cute centerpiece display on your dining room table
2. For your fairy garden
3. Place in a terrarium
4. Great for a dollhouse
5. Super cute miniature for your collection
6. Create a display for your coffee table
7. A perfect sweet gift for that special someone

A special Thank you gift from me to you :)
Fairy Hugs and blessings! ☠❤️⚔🖤
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These fairy items are not a toy and not recommended for children 3 years old and younger. The close-up photography is to show the amazing details!