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Be Delighted With These Sweet Treats In Miniature

Be Delighted With These Sweet Treats In Miniature

Be Delighted With These Sweet Treats In Miniature

Welcome back to Teelie’s Digital & Miniatures Shop. We’ve updated our name since our mission has changed. We’re still here to serve you but now we can do it better because our digital and physical products are available in one place. This means you can visit us for your one stop shop in fairy gardening. More miniatures will be coming your way soon too.



 1. Amazing Rainbow Cake Loaded with all the Goodies!

This delightful site is one stunning cake. It is a magical cake that has been loaded with white icing and several other kinds of treats including waffles, cookies, candied lemons, lollipops and so much more. This is the perfect cake for a sweet fairy party. Arcenciel the Rainbow Fairy agrees. Learn more here. 


2. 4th of July Ice Cream Sandwiches, Red, White, Blue, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Miniature
The 4th of July isn’t too far away. It’s time to start thinking about the amazing treats that your fairy friends can enjoy for this patriotic holiday. These red, white, and blue ice cream sandwiches look extremely yummy and refreshing. Learn more here. 


3. 4th of July Cupcakes And a Cold Starbucks Drink Miniature, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse
These 4th of July cupcakes look scrumptious . They have red, white, and blue cupcake holders, white icing, and red and blue sprinkles. Red and white Starbucks drinks also look amazing. These are perfect for a celebration or quiet gathering in your backyard. Learn more here. 


4. 4th Of July Red, White, and Blue, Swirl Lollipops, Fairy Gardens, Miniature, Dollhouse
It’s time to dance for joy because there are some amazing 4th of July swirl treats to try too. You can enjoy enchanted, patriotic lollipops or an amazing slice of red, white, and blue cake. We love the patterns on both. Patriotic Patsy who is the 4th of July fairy cannot wait to enjoy all these treats. Learn more here. 


5. Patriotic Watermelon Slices, 4th of July. Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Miniature
Watermelon is another great option when your fairy friends are looking for something sweet yet different to enjoy. Fruit can be a great option when it comes to seeking out a sweet dessert. Learn more here. 


6. Your Choice Of Hamburgers with All The Works Or A Plain Cheeseburger, Cherry Pie, Miniature, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden
Enjoy a mouth-watering cherry pie. It looks amazing. What is your favorite kind of pie? We’re sure that whatever it is, the fairies would love to try it too. Learn more about these miniature cherry pies here. 


7. 4th of July Miniature Pastries, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Miniature
These delicious miniature pastries are extremely yummy looking. Treat your fairy garden friends to something special with these adorable blue, red and white treats. Learn more here. 


8. Amazing Rainbow Cupcakes with a Cherry on Top, Miniature, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse
These enchanted rainbow cupcakes have a cherry on top. They look absolutely amazing. They would be the perfect treat for a magical fairy celebration. They look so great that I’m sure bakers will want to try to recreate these miniatures at home. Learn more here. 


Thank you for spending time with us. When you use our magical miniatures in your fairy gardens, we hope that you’ll share photos with Teelie’s Digital & Miniature Shop. If you have any questions or are looking for magical suggestions, we’re always here to help you too. Magic is in the air, enjoy!  



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