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Enchanted And Beautiful Miniatures For Christmas In July

Enchanted And Beautiful Miniatures For Christmas In July

Enchanted And Beautiful Miniatures For Christmas In July

Welcome back to Teelie’s Digital & Miniatures Shop. Christmas in July has just come to an end but that doesn’t mean that you haven’t been inspired by all the magic to start thinking about your Christmas décor for the holiday season. With months of time to plan, you can think about building a Christmas fairy garden or village with some astounding miniatures.  We have a cute video for you to enjoy too.


Sweet Miniature Christmas Miniature Deer, Christmas Peppermint House, Glitter Christmas Tree

Enjoy some incredible magic at the North Pole with some miniature deer, glittery Christmas tree and a peppermint house. We can imagine some elves or Christmas fairies living in this little house. It could also be great for operating a candy store. Learn more here.


Santa Cookies With A Santa Hat, Tiny Santa, Mini Sparkly Green Tree

Christmas cookies are a must in Fairy Land and these adorable Santa cookies look like they were baked by someone very skilled. This scene is complete with a miniature sparkly tree and a tiny Santa. There are many ways you could incorporate this into your magical Christmas fairy garden. Learn more here.


Miniature North Pole Sign With Penguin And Small Deer

It would be so amazing to spend time at the North Pole. When you travel to Fairy Land you can. There is a miniature sign welcoming you to your magical Arctic destination. You’ll also meet small deer and a penguin along your journey. Learn more here.


Adorable Miniature Gingerbread Man Cupcakes 1:12

These adorable miniature gingerbread man cupcakes look stunningly beautiful. They also look delicious. The fairies who sample these are going to be very satisfied with their treats. They look so great; they may even be served at a Christmas ball. Learn more here.


Sweet Deer Looking For Christmas Treats Carrots Included

This sweet little deer came sniffing around Santa and Fairy Merry’s hot cocoa and cookies. It’s a good thing that they expected these little visitors and put out some carrots. We’re sure that the deer would love to visit your fairy garden too. Learn more here.

Adorable Miniature Red And Green Macaroons 1:12

Red and green macaroons with what appears to be a delightful vanilla filling sounds amazing. We know that the fairies will be asking Bubba for these at the fairy bakery. They’ll be a top pick for fairy teas and other celebrations during the Christmas season. Learn more here.


Amazing Miniature Ceramic Christmas Mugs With Santa Claus

The miniature ceramic mugs in this gorgeous Christmas scene are sure to be crowd pleasers this holiday season. They’re a great way for you to enjoy hot cocoa with your fairy friends in your fairy garden this Christmas season. Each mug is fun and unique. Learn more here.


Miniature Christmas Present Cake Scene

This adorable fairy garden scene brings you another fairy treat that looks fabulous. This miniature present cake is filled with joy and holiday fun. Any of your fairy friends would be intrigued to enjoy a slice of this sweet treat. Learn more here.
We hope you’ve enjoyed  browsing these enchanted miniatures. Teelie’s Digital & Miniature Shop wants to wish you an amazing week and hopes that you’ll keep visiting us for more magic.  
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