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Enjoy The Ultimate Mermaid Party

Enjoy The Ultimate Mermaid Party

Enjoy The Ultimate Mermaid Party

Welcome back to Teelie’s Digital Shop. The sun is shining and there is magic above and beneath the seas in Fairy Land. This week we’re going to be showing you how you can have the ultimate mermaid party that includes Teelie Turner’s exclusive instant fairy garden, items from both Mandy and Meredith the mermaids’ collections and enchanted miniatures.


Magical Mermaid Instant Fairy Garden Digital Download
When you’re ready to have your magical mermaid party, you can begin by downloading Teelie Turner’s Magical Mermaid Instant Fairy Garden. It includes ninety-three amazing designs such as backgrounds, Mandy the Mermaid, Meredith the Mermaid, a mermaid bench, seahorses, a turtle, palm trees, an umbrella, a chair, underwater flowers and so much more. Learn more here. 


Meredith the Mermaid™ Coasters (Set of 4)
You can decorate for your magical mermaid party . One suggestion is to use mermaid coasters like the ones above which showcase Meredith the Mermaid on them. They’re practical and beautiful. Learn more here. 


Meredith the Mermaid™ Jigsaw Puzzle
In addition to creating your instant fairy garden at your magical mermaid party, you can also do fun activities like mermaid jigsaw puzzles. Both Meredith and Mandy have one. These puzzles range from between 252 to 1000 pieces, and they also come with a cute storage box. Learn more here. 


Mandy The Mermaid™ Sticker
Mermaid stickers can be a great party favor. There are several options for Mandy and Meredith stickers. They’re available in different sizes and finishes. Other ideas for party favors are magnets, notebooks, and greeting cards. Learn more here. 


Top Collection Miniature Fairy Garden and Terrarium Sleeping Little Mermaid on Rock Statue
You can add adorable miniatures like this little mermaid with pink hair that is sleeping on a rock to your instant fairy garden. It helps add extra depth to your magical instant fairy garden and it can be fun for everyone at your mermaid party to get to rearrange the miniatures to get different perspectives of the fairy garden. Learn more here. 


Magical Mermaid Fairy Garden Accessories
This amazing fairy garden kit has twenty-one accessories in it including a mermaid, a turtle, a lighthouse, boats, starfish, and lots more. Learn more here. 


Vivid Seashells
This vivid collection of colorful and assorted seashells can bring some added magic to your fairy garden scene. It can also be used as table scatter at your magical mermaid party. You could even put it in clear vases and use it as centerpieces. Learn more here. 


Sweet Merry Mermaid Miniature Signs
You can also instantly download some magical mermaid signs which were created exclusively by Teelie Turner for your enjoyment. Each miniature sign is adorable and has a cute saying on it. Learn more here


Thank you for spending time with us. When you host your magical mermaid party, we hope that you’ll share photos with Teelie’s Digital Shop. We love sharing the magical experience with you and hope that it will bring you hours of delight.


We also have another magical mermaid video that you can enjoy.



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