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Entice Your Fairy Friends With Sensational Christmas Miniatures

Entice Your Fairy Friends With Sensational Christmas Miniatures

Entice Your Fairy Friends With Sensational Christmas Miniatures

Welcome to Teelie’s Digital and Miniature Shop. We want to help you entice fairies to come to your garden. We know that one of the best ways to do that is to provide them with an enchanted environment that they will feel so comfortable in that they won’t want to think of going anywhere else.



Adorable Miniature Gingerbread Man Cupcakes 1:12

Christmas treats are definitely going to entice fairies to visit your garden. While all fairies love sweets, it is how you present them and the atmosphere that you put around them that will make all the difference when a fairy is choosing their home especially when many fairy lovers know to offer treats. These gingerbread man cupcakes are absolutely beautifully decorated and presented. Learn more here.



Adorable Miniature Christmas Snowman and Blue Snowflake Cupcakes 1:12

These snowman cupcakes are absolutely enchanting and are sure to make fairies notice your garden. The extra effort on the table setting is also a great touch to make your garden feel extra welcoming. Learn more here.



Adorable Miniature Christmas Hot Cocoa Cart

This miniature Christmas hot cocoa cart is definitely going to be enticing to the fairies. It has so many magical details both to the cart and the toppings that can go in the cocoa. This looks like it would be a great meeting place for fairies to find their friends, chat and enjoy a delicious treat. Learn more here.



Miniature North Pole Sign With Penguin And Small Deer

This scene is absolutely welcoming. Not only is there a miniature welcome sign but there is also a penguin and small deer waiting to entertain and greet any fairy visitors. Your garden is going to be absolutely enchanting with this welcome crew. Learn more here.



Miniature Christmas Present Cake Scene

This delightful cake has been baked and decorated with care. Its aromatic flavors are sure to be something that a fairy would enjoy. This looks like it might be a great place for a baking fairy or a gifting fairy to live because of the miniature gifts on top of the cake and the skill that went into making it. Learn more here.



 Adorable Miniature Red And Green Macaroons 1:12

These little red and green macaroons are also going to make a fairy want to move into your garden. There are many fairies who might choose a garden with these as home including a fairy on vacation, or a Christmas Fairy who needs to make a home base to do their work in. Learn more here.



Sweet Miniature Christmas Miniature Deer, Christmas Peppermint House, Glitter Christmas Tree

The fairy family that moves into the fairy garden that has this scene in it are going to be so excited with what they have. There is an enchanted Christmas peppermint house, a Christmas tree, Christmas gift and two adorable deer. There is so much that can be enjoyed in this garden and with the snowballs that are around, and the deer to play with the fairy children, it is for sure that memories will be made. Learn more here.



Miniature Adorable Reindeer Christmas Cupcakes With Santa Hat

The yummy look and flavors of these reindeer cupcakes are going to entice fairies to your garden. If you wish, add some furniture and a fairy pet or two to enhance the scene to really get a fairy to fly your way. Learn more here.


Teelie’s Digital & Miniature Shop is glad that you joined us on this sensational adventure exploring magical miniatures that can attract the fairies to your garden. Please follow up on social media so you can enjoy adventures in Fairy Land daily. 


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