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Spend Halloween Doing Amazing Activities with Gigi the Chic Fairy

Spend Halloween Doing Amazing Activities with Gigi the Chic Fairy

Spend Halloween Doing Amazing Activities with Gigi the Chic Fairy

Spend some time in Teelie’s Digital Shop with us. We’ll introduce you to Gigi the Chic Fairy and then go on a field trip and visit her website so that you can discover some amazing activities that you can enjoy this Halloween from her Chic Kids Club.

Meet Gigi the Chic Fairy

Gigi the Chic Fairy has numerous digital downloads available in Teelie’s Digital shop including the four magical books that Teelie Turner wrote about her. There are also Gigi’s shabby chic downloads which are full of amazing opportunities to spend time with this enchanted fairy. You’ll also find Gigi on a stunning collection of Easter downloads. When you click here, you can see everything that Gigi has to offer you on Teelie’s Digital Store. Next, we’ll go on a field trip to discover some digital downloads that Gigi has available for you on her own website. www.gigithefairy.com

Halloween Maze

Gigi was so busy flying around and having tons of Halloween fun that she forgot to do the magical spell that will keep her hat from falling off. Can you follow the maze and help her find her hat? The maze is available as a free digital download from Gigi’s Chic Kids Club.

Halloween Word Search

Have a wonderful time searching for the fun Halloween words in Gigi’s magical Halloween word search. You can download the word search for free here. Maybe you want to find something new to do for Halloween this year? Gigi’s activities could be the perfect option and they can be enjoyed by anyone. The Chic Kids Club is for children and children at heart.

Color With Gigi

In Gigi’s Chic Kids Club, you’ll have the opportunity to download three different coloring pages. The first one is available here. We love how cute the Gigi coloring designs are. We hope that you’ll have an enchanted time selecting the right colors to fill in the black and white designs that are available to you for free.

Dress Gigi for Halloween

Gigi’s Halloween paper doll is available to you as a free digital download. Enjoy the magic of cutting out and assembling the pieces. It is perfect for children and adults to do together. While you dress the Gigi paper doll, you can also take time to discuss your favorite aspects of her outfit or your favorite Halloween costumes. Family time is great for talking about anything. Download the Gigi paper doll here.

Spot the Differences with Gigi

The left and right sides of these beautiful designs that feature Gigi in them are different. There are a total of fifteen differences for you to find. Download this magical free activity here and start your search.
Thank you for taking the time to learn about Teelie Turner’s magical digital downloads and Gigi the Chic Fairy’s Chic Kids Club. We hope that you enjoy spending an amazing Halloween doing these enchanted activities. Please come back and see us soon for more fairy fun.
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