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Cook'n In The Kitchen

Welcome to Cook'n In The Kitchen, a must-have collection of cooking miniatures for fairies! Whether they enjoy baking desserts or concocting delicious meals, our unique miniature items are perfect for inspiring creative concoctions in your fairy's garden, dollhouse, instant fairy garden and more. 

Our collection includes all the ingredients any fairy chef needs. All the measuring and mixing tools you could ever dream of - plus decorations to make sweet treats look even sweeter. Plus pre-made cookies, cakes and pies that are just waiting to be cooked up into something scrumptious! And if it's savory delights your fairies crave - why not gift them with realistic recipes complete with helpful kitchen utensils and equipment?  Let your imagination soar in Cook'n In The Kitchen! Our miniature items will help you create storybook scenes that celebrate all kinds of deliciousness. We can't wait to see what your fairies come up with!
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We don't want to give too much away just yet, but at Fairyland we are hard at work on a brand-new collection of breathtaking miniatures! They're sure to be unlike anything you've ever seen. Be sure to stay tuned for more magical surprises from Fairyland!